Success stories of learning Gujarati... Testimonials

Many people from around the globe contacted me through email, blog-comments and Facebook group saying how my blog and YouTube channel helped them successfully learn Gujarati.

Here I am sharing few testimonials that will assure you that you have come to right place to learn Gujarati. 

So have a look at it these success stories !! I am sure you will be eager to be a success story yourself !!

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Happy Learning !!
- Kaushik Lele

Name : Inna Komarovsky
Country : USA
Watch Inna from USA speaking Gujarati fluently who has learned Gujarati using my blog

My first language was Russian because I was born in Russia, and now I live in the United States and speak English. I'm learning Gujarati because my close friend is from Gujarat, so I want to be able to communicate better with his family and to learn more about the culture.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing such helpful materials for learning Gujarati! I've been following the lessons, sometimes through the videos and sometimes through the blog, and I'm really enjoying the process!
Watch Ravi - a non-Gujarati NRI- speaking Gujarati. It will motivate you further and give you confidence of Gujarati learning.


Name : Esther
Country : UK

I just wanted to thank you for your blog on Gujarati. There is so little available with which to learn Gujarati - especially when it comes to grammar (my favourite way of learning). 

I can find lots of people to give me animal names, for instance, but not much that is really useful. In fact, I can't even find many examples of conversation. It's great that you're doing the blog. Thank you so much.
Name :  Gayatri
Country :  India
I always was keen to learn something new and found learning languages very interesting.
After long search  in struggle to learn Gujarati , I found this page which had everything on from the basic alphabets to the grammar loaded  which made it more easier for me to learn write read and understand the language the best way possible in the simplest way .

Its been a year long I have been associated with this site and truly the site has grown to be one of the best kind - a self learning portal for language learners .
Name : Carlos Palacio
Country : 

My name is Carlos. I've just started using your Gujarati blog, and I absolutely love it! You present the grammar in a very clear and direct way that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. Thanks for making the Gujarati language freely available to learners!
Name : Ravi chandrasekhara 
Country : U.S. (New York)

Wonderful blog.  I am referring to Gujarati blog.  I was born and raised in U.S. and have an interest in Bharateeya languages. 
Name : Lorena Barajas 
Country : U.S.

I live in the U.S.. I want to learn Gujarati because I am working in a heavy Gujarati and Hindi speaking area. In order for me to succeed in this area I need to learn their language enough to convey and relate a message. But I will go through your blog and YouTube videos. Thank you so much. 
Name : Mo Sha
Country : U.S.

I stumbled on your blog when I was wanting to learn gujarati from english. It's probably the best free online website I could find to learn gujarati straight from english. I'm starting to follow the lessons and it is very helpful. 
Name : Enrique
Country : U.S.

I'm a native English speaker who befriended a guy from India. My friend's native language is Gujarati, and while he speaks English, his parents do not. 

I thought I would pick up Gujarati so I could talk with my friend and his family in their native language. I tried a couple of resources but your blog has by far been the most helpful. Thank you for making it!
Name : Dan Kerchner
Country : U.S. 

I am a native English speaker.  I became interested to learn Gujarati as my best friend grew up in a Gujarati family (in the U.S.). I am really enjoying your Learn Gujarati From English blog!  You clearly put a lot of work into it, and it is very well presented.
Name : Krishna
Country : 

I am, or rather, was a native Gujarati speaker. When I was young I spoke it very well, but growing up we stopped speaking it at home and I fell out of practice. Now I am starting over, reteaching myself the language of my heritage.. towards which your videos and lessons have been a tremendous help! 

Really, I found myself scouring the internet for programs to help me learn, but they were all very patchy and nowhere approached the depth with which you teach. 

Thank you so much for this thoughful, intuitive website that makes learning Gujarati so clear and approachable! I love your site! Thank you for all the hard work that you.. it is GREATLY appreciated!!!
Name : Amodjee Farhâne
Country : France

Hello sir, im French guy who is aiming to learn Gujarati. Actually i'm originally from India , my great grandfather came here at the beginning of twentieth century. So I've got some family left there in Gujarat and I would like to come and meet them. That's why i want to learn it . I know they can communicate in English but i think if i'm coming it would more easy to speak to them in their native language . 

I'm very glad to see there is people like you who is helping us to do it . I am sorry I don't have much time to tell you how glad I am.
Name : Yasmin Stoss
Country : 

I think your blog posts and videos are great. They are some of the best I have been able to find online for free.
Name : Shreyas
Country : India

My mother tongue is Tamil. My father is a Tamilian and my mom is a Maharashtrian. So I can speak Marathi well and Tamil sort of OK. Gujarati, I 

wish to learn because my girl friend is a Gujarati and I wish to learn for her. But she's not ready to teach me.

Must say, your blog is really helpful. Some of your videos on Youtube are helping me a lot. 
Name : Swati
Country : India

I want to learn both of the languages (Gujarati and Marathi) and both are of same importance to me. Moreover, I also have equal opportunities of experimenting in daily life.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on the languages and enabling readers like me to learn them with ease.
Name : Ashley-Elizabeth Tucker
Country : U.S.
I am from U.S. and English is my mother tongue but I am also fluent in Spanish and I speak a little German. 
I want to learn Gujarati because I have quite a few friends from India and that is the language they speak.  Of course they also speak Hindi but I have found plenty of online resources for that but not much for Gujarati.  A lady that I know is helping me to go through the lessons that you have on the blog so between your information and my friends, I should be conversational in no time :) 

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this blog!  There are not many resources online to help someone learn Gujarati. I use the pages to your blog and take them to my friend who is helping me to learn. 
Please keep up the lessons :) 
Name : Nicola Saunderson
Country : New Zealand

I am a Kiwi European married to a Kiwi Gujarati. I have learnt a little gujarati over the years. but recent visit to Gujarat really motivated me to learn properly. My husband's gujarati is basic and even my mother in law came here when she was 6 so never learnt gujarati at school. 

So I have searched and searched online for a way to learn that explains all the rules clearly so that I can start to develop a real understanding of the language rather than just learn adhoc bits and pieces without the logic behind it.

To cut a long story short, your blog is by far the very best resource I have found!!! So I am using it as my main resource now to start my journey is speaking gujarati. 

Thank you so much for providing this excellent resource. Having the information accompanied by the YouTube clips means I really can learn independently at my own speed, at any time, and know I am getting the pronunciation right! 
Name : Shobha Ramesh
Country : India

Thanks a ton for your lessons in Gujarati. You are my internet guru for learning this language. I have stuck to your blog for almost a month now. I am from Bangalore and we speak a mix of Tamil and Kannada. Recently my daughter decided to get married to a Gujarati. Hence I decided to learn Gujarati. I scouted the net for good material on this.

Your lessons are excellently documented and presented. I first got attracted to the conversational style lessons (what you speak in a shop, how to greet etc). Then I started following your blog and YouTube lessons. Also I love your audios. They convey the pronunciation effectively and are aptly designed.

Having been in the field of Learning & Development in IT industry for almost about a decade, I can understand the enormous effort you have put in to get this across. 

Kudos to your interest and efforts!!! In a time when inter-state alliances are common, I am sure many others like me will benefit from your lessons.
Nice to see an youngster like you being so passionate about sharing your knowledge.
Name : Phillip Bennett
Country : U.S.

I am from New Jersey in the United States and my native language is English (very boring lol). But, I love learning languages. I can speak French, Italian, and a little bit of Farsi and Hindi. 
I love connecting with different people and their cultures through language. At first I was learning Hindi and Urdu because I have many friends who speak those languages; however, I noticed a lot of Indian people that I've met also spoke Gujarati. 

I am so happy with your site because very few sites actually provide this information so detailed with this much accessibility. Once I'm done with Gujarati, I am thinking about learning Marathi since you provided enough material to learn it independently. I just wish there was a site like yours for Bengali and Tamil. 

I am very excited to have found your Gujarati blog. You almost have everything I have been looking for on the internet for Gujarati all in one place. I can't tell you enough how happy I am to visit this site.
Name : Helena Ang
Country : U.S.

Thank you for your hard work, it really helps people like me whose mother tongue is not Hindi or Gujarati to learn. My mother tongue is English and Chinese. My motivation to learn Gujarati comes from my closest friend, whose cultural background is Gujarati, so a big part of his family speaks Gujarati. After learning a bit about Indian culture, I became very interested in learning the Gujarati language so that I can one day speak with his family in Gujarati as well to socialise better. Perhaps it will take very long for me to even understand what they say when they speak in Gujarati, but I hope that I can learn one by one through watching your videos.

Thank you very much for posting your Gujarati videos. I am going through all of them to make a list of vocabulary to learn. I hope that I can memorize the vocabulary from your video so that I can communicate with my Gujarati friends and the adults who speak Gujarati as well.

I have subscribed to your YouTube channel and I hope you can make more videos, and keep up the amazing work! Thank you very much!
Name : Jenna Voss
Country : U.S.

I live in the US and speak English. I've also studied Spanish and German.  I want to learn Gujarati because my boyfriend is of Gujarati descent so I want to learn the language as well.
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your blog.  

I want to learn Gujarati but have been disappointed so far by the very few resources available to learn from English.  I look forward to using your website as a tool in my learning.
Name : Mike Lennon
Country : U.S.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating the site and videos for learning Gujarati! I have only just begun but already I feel like I am getting a grasp on the language. Every night I practice a little more and I am slowly building up my skills. 

My girlfriend was raised speaking Gujarati and English in the U.S. but a lot of her family only speak Gujarati. It is my goal to learn the language so that when we go to India in the next few years, I can surprise her by being able to speak with her and her family in their native tongue.

There are hardly any other resources out there to learn Gujarati so I hope that you are able to continue working on this project!

Name : Allison
Country : U.S.

 I am from US and my native language is English. I use your blog occasionally to try to learn a little gujarati here and there, but I don't have the time at the moment to really study it well. Hopefully one day I will have time to learn it more fully. My boyfriend is gujarati and his mom doesn't speak much 

English. Thanks again for all your blogs. They are very thorough and helpful!
Name : Melissa Pancholi
Country : Canada

I am from Canada, and my mother tongue is English. I am very interested in language.
I must say, you've done an excellent job so far. Your understanding of English is very impressive and easy to follow--I studied your videos for so long last night, that I actually dreamed some words in Gujarati when I slept haha.

People usually just give a few common sentences and expect that it will be enough to sustain a visit; but I actually live nearby my in-laws, and I wish to converse with them in Gujarati just as they speak to me in English. It is so rare to find any lessons for the Gujarati language (I haven't even found any good books), so you have no idea how happy I am to have found your channel :)

I have nothing bad to say about how you have grouped your teachings either; all of your topics are very organized and easy to understand... over these past few days, I have gotten to the point where I can almost read the Gujarati alphabet by heart, and have memorized a handful of common words and phrases. All of my progress is thanks to you.

Thank you again for being a great teacher! 
Name: Rahim Nathwani
Country: China

I've been speaking Gujarati since I was a child, but my vocabulary and understanding of grammar are very limited.  Kaushik's videos are helping me to put some structure around my knowledge of the language, which I hope will help me communicate effectively with people beyond simple day to day conversations.
Name : Ravi Chandrasekhara MD
Country: USA
I am interested in Bharateeya Language. Website is thorough and practical.Easy to learn grammar to be used in conversational gujarati


  1. Hi, I have always wanted to learn both Gujarati and Hindi. There are of course lots of websites for Hindi, but none of them explain it to me as well as your blogs do with your accompanying video. Could you please teach Hindi too? I feel that I could learn it more thoroughly from you than from any other online resouce

    1. Hi Umzi,
      I have not prepared blog for Hindi. And at present there is no plan.
      Before creating a new blog I will need to brush up my Hindi basics and see what extra I have to offer compared to other resources.
      So it is a distant task as of now.

      I would like to discuss more of your Gujarati learning can you please mail me at

      Waiting for your mail,

  2. I mean could you please teach Gujarati through English?

    1. Hi Umi this blog itself teaches Gujarati through English.

  3. is this any way to learn hindi to gujarati

  4. I want to know meaning of tis gujrathi sentence aree amee toh evachee

  5. I want to know meaning of tis gujrathi sentence aree amee toh evachee

    1. I could not understand the sentence. But I guess it is "hey, we are this way".


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