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Introductory Lessons :
Welcome to world of Gujarati
Tips to Learn Gujarati (rather any new language)

Gujarati Script – Writing & Pronunciation :
Alphabets in Gujarati Script
Gujarati Barakhadi/Barakshari
Pronunciation of Anusvar અનુસ્વાર in Gujarati
Combining consonants in Gujarati ગુજરાતી જોડાક્ષર
Combining consonants with ર(r)-ગુજરાતી જોડાક્ષર Part 2
Combining consonants with હ(h)-ગુજરાતી જોડાક્ષર Part 3
Special or separate symbols for combined consonants ગુજરાતી જોડાક્ષર- part 4

Sentence formation rules in different tenses & pronouns forms :
Pronouns and Articles in Gujarati
Working with Nouns,Genders and plurals in Gujarati
ઓ-ઈ-ઉં-આ-ઈ-આં (o-I-uM-A-I-AM ) યો-ઈ-યું-યા-ઈ-યાં ( yo-I-yuM-yA-I-yAM ) rule
Using plurals to indicate respect આદરાર્થી બહુવચન (AdarArthI bahuvachan )
Verbs in Gujarati
Simple Present Tense of "To Be" in Gujarati
Simple Present Tense in Gujarati
Simple Future Tense in Gujarati
Simple Past Tense of "To Be" in Gujarati
Simple Past tense in Gujarati - Part 1
Simple Past tense in Gujarati - Part 2
Present Continuous tense in Gujarati
Past Continuous Tense in Gujarati
Future Continuous tense in Gujarati
Negative Sentence in Simple Present tense in Gujarati
Negative Sentence in present continuous tense in Gujarati
Negative sentence in simple past tense in Gujarati
Negative sentence in past continuous tense in Gujarati
Negative sentences in simple future tense in Gujarati
Negative Sentence in future continuous tense in Gujarati
Present-Past-Future Perfect Tense in Gujarati
Past /Present/Future Perfect Continuous tense in Gujarati
Commands / Imperative statements in Gujarati
Saying My/His/Her in Gujarati
Preposition "TO" in Gujarati
Sentences with living person or human being
Asking questions in Gujarati - Part 1
Asking WH questions in Gujarati
Learn Prepositions in Gujarati Language
Prepositions with nouns in Gujarati
Cases in Gujarati. વિભક્તિ Vibhakti and વિભક્તિ પ્રત્યય vibhakti prtatyay in Gujarati
Asking WH-questions with prepositions in Gujarati
Adjectives in Gujarati

Phrases & other sentence structures :
Using verb "To want" in Gujarati
Using verb "To Know" in Gujarati
Saying "To come to know" in Gujarati
Using "To Understand" in Gujarati
Using "To Like" in Gujarati
Using “Going to” phrase in Gujarati
Using verb "Can/To be able to" in Gujarati
Using verb "To remember" in Gujarati
Using "To Want" "To Need" with other verbs in Gujarati
Using “Should” in Gujarati
Sentences using "would" in Gujarati
Saying phrase "must" "have to" in Gujarati
Prepositions with verbs in Gujarati
Using "Let" and "Shall we" in Gujarati
Saying "To Become" "To Happen" in Gujarati
Asking permission and requesting someone "May I" "Can you" etc.
Comparison and degrees of comparison in Gujarati
Sentence using "If-Then" in Gujarati
Simple future tense in conditional statements
Sentence using "Used to" phrase in Gujarati
Which-That / What-That sentences in Gujarati
Using "To Feel" & "To think" in Gujarati
Using phrase “to keep doing” in Gujarati
Add a question tag in Gujarati
To emphasize word using-જ(j)-in Gujarati
Showing uncertainty using May, Might in Gujarati
Using "To mean". How to ask meaning in Gujarati
"To have" to indicate possession and relation in Gujarati
Adjectives made from verbs in Gujarati
Generalizing words - somewhere somehow anything anybody etc. - in Gujarati
Adverbs in Gujarati
Using "like" to indicate similarity in Gujarati
Active voice and Passive voice in Gujarati
Phrase "To Make Someone do something" in Gujarati
Using "May" to express wish in Gujarati

Time related words in Gujarati
Numbers in Gujarati - Part 1
Numbers in Gujarati - Part 2
Fractional numbers, sequence, percentage in Gujarati
Conjunctions in Gujarati - Part 1 And,But,Because,So,That,Although,Though,Still,Yet
Conjunctions in Gujarati - Part 2 As,As well as,Or, Neither, Nor, If,in case, provided
Conjunctions in Gujarati- Part 3 After, then,As far as, As long as,As if, As though
Conjunctions in Gujarati Part-4 As Soon as, Once,Rather Than, Instead of,So that,Whereas,Whether or not,also
List of conjunctions in Gujarati
List of Body parts in Gujarati
Relations in Gujarati

Conversation practice :
Simple Sentences in Gujarati - Introduction/Salutation
Simple Gujarati Sentences Where Place Related
Asking address in Gujarati
Greeting,Wishes,Blessings,Slogans in Gujarati
Simple Gujarati Sentences - In Hotel
Simple Gujarati conversation - Grocery shop
Simple Gujarati Conversation-at-bus stop and in bus
Simple Gujarati conversation - Rickshaw/Taxi driver
Simple Gujarati Conversation - Software Engineers
Simple Gujarati Conversation - Doctor-Patient
Simple Gujarati Conversation - Teacher & Students
Simple Gujarati Conversation - Informal phone conversation
Simple Gujarati conversation-at Vegetable Market
Simple Gujarati conversation-with traffic police
Simple Gujarati sentences - Weather related
Simple Gujarati Conversation - Interview in Gujarati
Simple Gujarati conversation - with housemaid
I Love you In Gujarati. Proposing someone in Gujarati
Simple Gujarati conversation: Linking AADHAR card to mobile number

Additional resources
Type Gujarati in Roman. Gujarati transliteration


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  5. Kaushik,
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    Hasmukh Lathia

    1. Namaste Hasmukhbhai,
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    1. To learn Gujarati you do not need any other book if you study through my blog.
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  16. Your content is really great.I think you have made this content with an indian learner in mind. I have studied language under some teachers, and they teach like they are teaching to foreign students. The chronology and explaining style is best for my frame of mind, I'd say. PS:: is it possible to get the pdf of Gujarati content.

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Happy to have helped you.
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